Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Make Up Base: Dior Capture Totale - Multi Perfection Refining Base

Dior - Multi Perfection Refining Base (50ml - RM155)

I bought this product few months back and rarely use it. Not even five times.. and 90% of the content was gone today.. ^sob sob^

I accidentally DROPPED it without the cover. The moment it happened, my mind was like OMG!!! The cream was spilled all over the places - on the floor, on my wardrobe and even on the wall! Come to think of it, I should have snap a few pictures of the incident to post it up here.. was just too busy to clean up the whole areas.. ^sigh^

Feelings that crossed my mind during that moment ==> it was a mixture of relieve, happy and sad.
-> The bottle didn't break at all when it hit the floor and still look like a Brand New Item. Can you imagine, it bounce a few times on the floor like a 'ping pong ball'. That really proves that Dior really invest on the quality of the product... ... packaging;
Happy -> I can get a NEW one again (he he..). Since I rarely used it, perhaps it might not be the right range of product to me. The texture was not very moist and the color did look fairer on my skin color;
Sad -> This make up base was not cheap and it just gone within 30 seconds !

I think it is time to get a NEW one... he he he..

Hmmm, so which make up base should I get now? Any recommendations?

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