Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Foundation: Compact Powder - Bobbi Brown vs Dior vs Estee vs Shiseido

I am neither a make-up artist nor a heavy make-up user. But when the times come, you just have to make yourself a little bit more pleasant or perhaps a more presentable look so that you are 'notice-able' in the society...

I have been spending a lot of times doing research for the make-up foundation - which brand should I get, what type of foundation should I go for, which one is suitable for my skin and et cetera - from viewing the 'forums' on the internet till the extend of 'online chat with the artist'. It was very tiring (trust me) when you found out there is a long list of forums that you need to go through just to get an insight of their products details. You know lar.. you need to know how long will it last (whole day?) on your face, what is the coverage (full, medium, light) and so on. Furthermore, by going through their website and visit to their counter, you will only be able to view the benefits / advantages of their products rather than the 'hidden info' that we can get from the direct users via forums or bloggers.

So after asking around, I started to focus on few brands:-
a) Bobbi Brown - popular for their natural look
b) Estee Lauder - known as the the giant of the prestige-cosmetics world, who owned other popular brands in the world such as BB, MAC, Tommy Hilfiger, Clinique, Coach et cetera
c) Dior - high end designer appeal and famous with their lip gloss
d) Shiseido - always looks good on asian skin since the founder was from Japan

I have been using Shiseido's skincare (will have another write-up on skincare later...) and also their make-up products. But somehow I feel it is time for me to change to another brand since they are so many of varieties in the market now. I have tried their compact powder in the following range:-
a) Pureness Matifying Compact Oil-Free - for oily skin, which was very good that provides a sheer matte finish while minimizing the visibility of pores. The coverage was just nice and I will consider it as light coverage without looking cakey on your face.
b) Supplist Poreless Foundation - a better coverage for pores that gives it a refined, poreless look. Medium coverage.

I am looking for the following criterias in picking up the right choice for my brand new compact powder - natural & poreless look, long wear, medium coverage, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and great for combination skin. Choices as below (all below RM200):-

After giving it a long thought, I have decided to purchase both Bobbi and Diorskin:-
a) Bobbi * - 2 steps of applying. Cream Compact Foundation + Pressed Powder
b) Diorskin - 1 step of applying. Therefore an alternative to Bobbi for woman on the go
c) Estee - a turned down for me because of the packaging, which was not as sleek as Diorskin

* Bobbi Brown's Price List --> Bobbi Brown Make-Up Product Prices in RM

Review on the purchased products - both met my criterias as stated above and I'm pretty happy with both my brand new compact powder.
a) Bobbi looks more natural than Diorskin
b) Diorskin is more convenient to apply compared to Bobbi

So readers, you have to make your own decision on what matter you most.

" Natural Look or Simpler Application "


andywwc said...

How about the UGBang I bought for you in Korea...use it, don't waste my $$$

Mona Wong said...

Haven't started the product yet. For sure I will post my comment here once I have started using it.. :-p