Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FireWorkz - The Colorful Grill (Seremban)

Don't get me wrong when you see the word 'FireWorkz'.. This is nothing to do with any countdowns in the town or anywhere else.. This is all about the western restaurant located in Seremban town itself (behind Pasar Besar Seremban) that you will surely ENJOY, with a very affordable $$$ from the starter till the last dishes - dessert !

And here it comes the Fireworkz - The Colorful Grill: Affordable yet nice western food that everyone should give it a try.

missed out the main entrance photo. so just a simple caption tt I found on the table ^_^

a very simple decoration which comes with a nice ambiance. it is consider Very Good to have such a place in Seremban

Me and Bf went there for dinner on Xmas Eve - Dec 24th, 2008 and had the followings:-



Prok Chop Burger


All the above cost us less than RM50 !!! The meals was so satisfying and we were even more happier when the bill came.. ha ha ha.. WORTH THE $$$ !!

Where to find such an affordable meal in Klang Valley??

We were so happy and left the place with our wide smiling face...


Ah Kean said...

Yummy yummy!

Westley said...

Never know that there is such a good place to eat western food in my hometown SEREMBAN!
Thanks for intro such fine place! must go there soonest possible!

Westley said...

wow! never know that such good place exist in seremban! must go there soonest possible!

Mona Wong said...

Hey Westley, you sure you dunno this place in Sban?? Very nice place and good food.. Faster faster go and try it out... :-p