Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Hair-Look

I quit coloring my hair 4 years ago, just to have a good recovery after so many 'damaging' in the past years...

But lately I wanted to have a new look and have been thinking for days whether to proceed with the hair coloring or highlighting? And you know what.... I have spent my weekend by having BOTH (coloring-cum-highlighting) within the 2 days! The damaging was even WORST now!! ^sob sob^

I actually planned to go for the highlight at the first place but the outcome was not what I expected.

Highlighted Look: The color was too blonde especially the front part. The rest of it is fine with me.

After looking at myself in the mirror the whole night and the next morning, I can't accept myself with this 'new look'. I returned to the salon the next day and have another session - to color my hair to cover the 'blonde look'. I know it wil be a bad damage on my hair... but I pretty satisfied with the outcome.

Colored Look: This is much more better and the color is just nice on me... :-)

So how long do I need this time round to fully recover' my hair....

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